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Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's a BABY!!!

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I went to Andrea's baby shower today... here's some proof. Andrea *glowed*, and fun was had by all. We played all the silly games, and Nilda obsessed over the word search one by actually finding another sheet and continuing to work on it long after the winner had collected her prize. Hey... and I won a prize too! A glade candle thingy in "Orchid", which is odd, because I've owned orchids, and they don't smell like anything. Well, they did when they died, but that's not what the candle smells like. I won this for playing Baby Bingo, a game in which you they hand you a bingo card with possible baby presents written into each block. As the baby-momma opens the presents, you are supposed to mark the presents that appear that happen to be on your card. Many women today were disappointed that Andrea did not receive any electronic baby toys for her baby. Nilda tried to peek in the gift bags as we played. At this point Missy threatened us all. "If I have to I'll take away your cards" she warned sternly. Wild and crazy bunch, these ladies are. But, seriously, doesn't Andrea look totally cute? And she has the best hair. Beautiful.


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