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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When Cousins Meet

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Finally, after much bru ha ha, all the Olmsted grandchildren were assembled safely under the roof of Aba and Grandpa. Click the pic to see the whole set of pics. The girls got along quite nicely (so far) and Veronica didn't even mind when I held the little one. Then again, Grandpa, the man of her dreams, was in the house, so what is Mama compared to the end all be all of grandfathers? Dog food, that's what. Natalie found it a bit unsettling that Grandpa would want her to share his lap with Veronica, and Vivienne was downright anti-social - all she really needed was the mobile. People seemed to annoy her. Except the Mama. The boobiful, boobiful Mama, who smells like chocolate chip cookies, for heaven's sake. More on to report in the coming weeks.


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