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Friday, March 24, 2006

Wherein we Discuss Spike

Internet, this is Spike.

Spectacular, isn't he? Spike is our four-year-old English Bulldog. Let's watch him in action:

Breathtaking. It's almost as if he moved. A few choice stats about Spike:

DOB: July something of 2001
Adopted: September 15, 2001. He's our September 11 dog. Michael happened to be in NYC the day of, not far from Ground Zero, or as we call it "The Smoking Hole". He's one of the people you see scurrying away from the falling buildings in the CNN file footage. Upon his triumphant return to SoFla, he announced that he would either buy a gun or a puppy, you know, to show the terrorists. That Saturday, we went to a gun shop and took a look around. Then we walked down the strip mall to "Puppy's [sic] 'R Us", where we didn't meet Spike. BUT, the manager told us they had two bulldog puppies at their other location, 15 minutes away. That's where we met Spike. And on many occasion since, Michael has wished he'd gotten a gun instead....
Weight: 55 lbs.
Balls: In tact
Odor: Strong
Vocabulary: "Wanna eat?", "Outside?","Cage","Bath".
Loves: Tail scratches, wrestling, left-overs
Hates: The air-duster can, attempts to cut his nails, toddlers invading his space
Sleep habits: Constant. Barks in his sleep.
Place he poops when he can't hold it anymore: The stairs. I really need to get a picture of that... I can't figure out how he keeps from tumbling down the stairs.
Work Out: Free-form Digesting
Currently: Sleeping at my feet.

He's a good boy.


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