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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Working for The Man

Not that I would ever do something so vulgar as update my blogs at work, no siree, never, not me


I am taking 5 minutes from my workday to bitch and to moan to the world about how much better this job would be if it weren't for all the freakin' users!

Oh my GOD. They won't leave me alone to solve their problems!!! I'll be working on some hideous thing, like this:

if($checkdate1<$sesastatdate){ unset($switchpcn); if ($sesafbidate2){ if($checkdate2<$sesastatdate){ $error.=" $checkdate2 *Something happens here";
*Something else happens here.";

Which, ok, isn't that hideous, but sweet mother of Krispy Kremes, not the sort of thing you should get distracted from, and someone will call to ask me if it's possible to add another item to a drop down menu in an entirely different part of the app. Then, I have to explain to them that all things are possible, but not in the same day; and that I must prioritize and that every mother loving moment I spend on the phone talking about their problem creates a delay in fixing said problem.

So I ignore the phone, right? No good. They will physically remove their bodies from their chairs, boldly leave their offices and come find me here hoping that I will drop everything because their problem is the most important problem ever.

And why is it so FREAKIN' cold in here today? Why can't the A/C ever work this well in August?


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